107 Corsicana

Scott recently ventured into the world of real estate investing.
This husband of mine has so many talents. He constantly amazes me.
We were out and about driving around Hillsboro, his birthplace, looking for properties and fixer uppers. We'd found a home a few weeks before that we all loved, and were heartbroken when someone made an offer just before us. We'd all been so in love with it that we didn't have the strength to go through the disappointment of loving yet another house. It's kinda like when your child has a girlfriend and you fall in love with her too. Then when they break up, you can't imagine loving someone new as much as you loved the last one? Can you relate?
That analogy held true for about five minutes until...we drove down Corsicana for the umpteenth time and I saw this lavender house. We parked the car and I {ran} up to the porch, read the sign on the door and peeked in all the windows. It wasn't until I walked to the far back of the yard and looked back that I had this amazing, peaceful feeling that this is the house where I would spend the rest of my days and where we would have our grandchildren over for sleepovers and Christmas!
This "feeling" has sustained me through the long, tiring process that is buying a short sale. This "feeling" has encouraged me as I do hard things like clean every horizontal surface that is layered in five years of dust. This is our labor of love.