The $200 Dress

My husband, Scott is a forward thinker. He wishes we would all wear costumes. Think superhero. We would design our favorite outfit and then have seven of it. Personally, this would take the stress out of the morning "What should I wear?" dillema. I have been considering what my costume would be and currently, it's a short black dress with fitted jeans or leggings. (I didn't say I wasn't a fashion misfit). In fact, I'm not sure what type of girl I am, but I don't enjoy shopping for myself and I avoid malls year-round.

Anyway...I saw a friend at a friend's baby shower today and she was wearing a supercute dress with leggings and I remarked on how much I liked it.

"I got it on sale for $20 at Marshall's," she bragged. Now I was interested. The expectant friend asked about the brand and proceeded to dig for the label. Who cares? It's cute and a bargain.

It was an laudable brand. The cute-dress-wearing-friend told us the story of how she went into Banana Republic, tried on similar dress, and noticed the price tag read $200. I choked on my tea cake.

Pregnant friend: "I know you two are bargain finders, but if I had the money I would be dangerous."

Me: "If I were wealthy, I still would not buy a $200 dress."

Friend: "Have you ever worn a $200 dress?"

Well, no.

I shook my head. Should I be ashamed?

"It just feels good," she cooed.

My gutteral, automatic response (and not in a self-righteous, condescending tone whatsoever), "I would rather buy ten $20 dresses and give nine away." Now that would feel really good!

I may not know how the swish of $200 fabric feels on my skin, but I do know the high I get when I see a need and am able to meet it. I walk away exhilirated, giddy. And it is a feeling that lasts, not only in my own life, but in the world of the person on the receiving end too.

Try on a life of giving. It is a perfect, feel-good fit. Matthew 25:35-40

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  1. I'm glad I've had the privilege of learning that truth with you. Not the dress-wearing part, of course!