Dear Scott,
We are writing a story.
I love drinking coffee with you.
You know how I take my coffee.
I love that you are a talented writer and are dedicated.
I love that you read a bedtime story to our daughter.
You are committed to me.
You are an awesome homeschooling dad.
You are passionate.
When you play the piano it is like you are giving me a gift.
You are succeeding in life.
You are rich.
You have strong morals that do not waver.
I love holding your hand in the car.
You are handsome.
I love cuddles.
I love sharing my dreams with you.
Thank you for giving me a beautiful, precious daughter.
I love that you talk to Trey on the phone everyday.
You are following God and are a good leader and example to me daily.
You are fun and funny.
You are wise.
We are growing old together.
You play with our kids and grandkids.
We are making memories and traditions together.
You are an amazing chef and baker.
You know BIG words and random facts.
You are good at mental math.
You are my own personal exhorter.
I love the way you look at me.
You took away my loneliness.
Even though you are down to Earth, you let me dream BIG.
You care about our marriage; it’s important to you.
You are strong: physically, mentally and spiritually.
You have a good taste in clothes and design.
I appreciate that you don’t ever cut me down, but do a lot of building up.
You forgive me when I mess up and still love me.
I trust in you.
You care deeply about others.
We both love to travel…Road Trips!
When you eat lunch with me, I get excited when I see you coming down the hall.
I am proud to be your wife.
My life is better because you are part of it.
You have taught me a lot about love.
I cannot imagine my life without you.
Thank you for loving me and teaching me about life.
You are everything to me.
I love you.
Your Babycakes,

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