Pep Talk to My SELF!

This school year I have resolved to maintain a positive attitude and not gossip. We're two days in and all I want to do is stick a fork in my right eyeball!! #fail. Is it Friday yet?

I have lunch duty this year. Part of my time is spent with kinder, and the other half makes me really appreciate the independence of fourth graders. This is not the FUN part of my day, but I found a tender, silver-lining moment today. A little five-year-old boy asked me if it would be okay if he said a prayer to himself before he ate. Melt-my-heart precious.

A long time ago, Scott and I decided we were going to have a "So what!" attitude. Not the one where we don't care about anything. The kind of attitude where we give people the benefit of the doubt. Where we don't automatically assume that the other person purposely set out to get on our last nerve. Well, "So what?" is a phrase we constantly spout off to remind each other that: the only person hurting is our self when we harbour negativity. Well, lately I've been struggling to let some injustices go and I feel like letting out an all caps kinda scream...SO WHAT! It's hard to be positive, but it is better.

I cannot get all caught up in comparing and jealousy. It steals my JOY. It does not add years to my life. I have to let. it. go. Get caught up in the things that WILL matter in a 100 years and release the things that will not matter by week's end. I have to revel in those tender moments. I need to laugh more. Dr. Adolph Brown says, "If you aren't having FUN, you're not doing it RIGHT." I want to get it RIGHT this year.

Another area I #fail is self-loathing. Seriously, I have an impressionable tween daughter that is learning to love her self and I have to be a good example. She hears me. And then she repeats me. There is NOTHING more convicting than hearing your daughter talk badly about herself and then have the epiphany that she sounds JUST LIKE HER MOMMA! Forget the fork in the eye, try knife through heart.

Ok, so let me add LOVE SELF (or at least reduce self-loathing) to the short list of things to do. Especially since I just looked at pictures from my daughter's birthday party and thought I looked so hideous that I threw up a little. I am pretty sure I've nearly gained the 20 pounds my mom lost over the past two years.But that's a whole 'nother blog post.

Think of these as New {School} Year Resolutions:

+Maintain a positive, "so what?" attitude.
+Don't gossip. Build up others.
+Reduce self-loathing.

Any friendly advice for pulling this list off? Anyone else setting goals or making resolutions?

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  1. I love this about your blog. I love that you try and stay positive and reflect back on the good things such as the little boy. I think when you feel yourself getting to that "stab me" point to just find a quiet place and pray. I find myself doing the same exact things. I stress towards myself about the things I CAN change and I let myself get upset when I cant change it in a week. No gossiping is a huge goal for me this year. I keep telling myself that I am just opinionated but truth be told I just gossip too much. Its crazy how we can start a conversation and before we know it we're gossiping, bad trained habbit. And, I hear you about the children repeat. My twins have been showing conflicting personality traits I have such as getting frustrated too quickly over things that don't matter. I also hear them says things that I have said and it sounds so ugly. My advice is take it one day at a time literally. It's your life, change the things you can and want to change, except the things you can't and live happy. Don't know if this helps any but hope it makes you feel better to know you're not the only one :)