How-To Become a Member of Young Living Essential Oils

In July 2013, I decided I wanted to start using Young Living essential oils. The most logical decision for me was to sign up as a member/distributor and get The Premium Kit locking myself into a wholesale discount (24% off retail) for future purchases. With 100s of uses for the 10 oils in the Everyday Kit I knew I would get more than my money worth out of the kit.
A lot of people are hesitant to sign up because they don’t want to sell oils. I didn’t want to try to sell the oils to my friends and I didn’t want to make a monthly commitment to get the wholesale discount. Thankfully Young Living doesn’t require a monthly commitment if you are strictly interested in just using the oils and not building a business. You are a member of the Young Living family and can enjoy the benefits of 24% off without meeting monthly requirements.
 I recommend buying the Premium Kit because it truly is the best bang for your buck. I will share the other kits below, but I want to share with you how amazing the premium kit is and why this really is the most valuable option.
The oils in the above picture are the 10 oils within the everyday oils collection + Stress Away which is part of the Premium Kit. There are 100s of uses for these 11 – 5mL bottles each, something you or someone in your family can use for one reason or another. The oils include: Lemon, Frankincense, Purification, R.C., Thieves, Pan Away, Peppermint, Copaiba, Lavender and DiGize.  This collection alone has a retail value of $159.54 and it’s not even all that you get in the Premium Kit.
The diffuser is a fabulous perk about the Premium Kit and was the tipping point for my decision to get this kit. This diffuser has a retail value of $98.68 which means you are basically getting this free with the purchase of the Everyday Oils collection. I love that I can use this to freshen the air in our home while also enjoying the therapeutic values of the oils I am diffusing.
Also included are several guides among 2 Samples each of 5 of the most common oils, a 5mL bottle of Stress Away plus a roller ball attachment and 2 NingXia Red samples (4 servings).  If your budget allows, the Premium Starter Kit really is the way to go. It is an investment in your wellness! 
As part of the Essential Living team, you will get to be part of a private Facebook group full of even more resources making your journey even more fulfilling. You can use our group to learn more about the oils, view online classes and gain support along the way. This educational group is a tremendous wellspring of info and I’m still learning!
Now that you are ready to sign up, let me help you along your oily journey.
Step 1: Go to this link to sign up on the Essential Living team!
Step 2: Make sure to check off “Young Living Independent Distributor” NOT “Retail Customer”. Don’t worry about the word “member” as discussed above.  This simply means you are signing up as a member to get the Premium Kit and the 24% discount from here on out.
Step 3: Be sure my member numbers are in the blanks for both Enroller and Sponsor, if you used the above link they should be but in case something happened please add it in. My YL Member# is 1488680.
Step 4: Fill out all of your information. It will ask you for your SS# which if for legal purposes so that if you choose to run this as a business they can send you a 1099.
Step 5: Write down your pin, user name and password. You will need these in the future to log in and place future orders and to track packages.
Step 6: Select the “Premium Start Living Kit”, this is the one with the everyday oils kit, diffuser and the basic starter kit. It is the one that is $160. You have additional upgrades with the diffuser or you can choose from the amazing Home or Dewdrop diffusers. 
Step 7: Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click “no thank you, I plan on enrolling in Essential Rewards later.” Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for Essential Rewards later if you don’t want to but if you do love your experience with the oils let’s talk before you order again because this is a great way to get money back and earn some free oils! 
Step 8: Click “I Agree” and “Next”
Step 9: Confirm your enrollment information (you should see my name as your enroller and sponsor).
Step 10: Add any oils or other products in addition to your kit if there is something else you were wanting. The labels for $3 are great for organizing.
Step 11: Check out! You are official!
Once I receive information that you have enrolled you can expect to see an email from me  to welcome you and make sure you have everything you need to get started using the oils. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend $50 in a calendar year. I have a feeling you’ll meet that $50 requirement though because you are going to LOVE these oils!!

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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