Was I This Smart in Third Grade?

Lots of the blogs I follow write about their children. I occasionally (not near as much as when she was itty bitty) write in a pink journal about the miraculous and mundane things my daughter says or does. Now that she can read, she absolutely loves reading said journal. And I think to myself..."Self, you should do that more." And demanding as she as, she also tells me I should. Write. More. About her, of course.

So...here are two vocabulary words that my 8 year old has used to impress her doting parents.

My husband and I are on a "diet" called Feel Great in 8. There's a good food list for which you earn +1 points (limit 10) and a bad food list which deducts 2 (no limit, go figure). On Saturday, the day where you honestly get to say, "My diet starts tomorrow," my already-moping husband says, "I guess we don't get to eat donuts for breakfast tomorrow?" This is a Sunday, pre-church family tradition. Sacred. "No, hon, donuts are on the bad list." This piques daughter's interest, "WHAT?? did you say?" I reply, "Momma and Daddy are going on a diet and we can't eat donuts." And she immediately responded, "Well, you don't have to sabotage me!" We just looked at each other and thought, or maybe said aloud, "That's our girl." And yes, she slipped her teenage brother a few bucks and he picked her up two plain cake donuts. No parental sabotage afterall.

Today's Vocab Moment of the Day:
We watched the epic AVATAR. Two hours and 42 minutes. And yes, I know it's PG-13 and she's 8. I never claimed to be mom of the year. Although her first grade teacher, Mrs. Coatney, frequently called me that. Sarcastically. Can't imagine why?

Anyway, after Avatar was over I asked her, "What did you think of Avatar?" And she responds, "It was perilous!" I do a wide-eyed doubletake. "Is that a bad word?" she asks. "No. I am so impressed that you know that word and used it correctly. Where did you hear that?" The National Anthem. Ha! She's amazing! And inspiring.

This blog officially inducts me into the league of parents that blab about their children. I hope I don't sabotage my writing career before I've even published my tenth post.

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  1. In third grade I remember having to ask my teacher how to spell "of." Seriously. Daughter definitely inherited your knack for words!