Five Things to Do in a Thunderstorm

1. Nap. This is my favorite idea and how I plan to reward myself for writing a blog.

2. Write. Does thunder inspire your creativity? Remember to unplug your computers though. Brakers are supposed to protect this from happening, but as Scott says, "Ya never know."

3. Cover your ears, curl up in a fetal position, and pray. HaHa. This is exactly what I used to do in my early twenties due to pathological fear of bad weather passed down from the women in my family. Thanks, Mom and Granny. I was forced to hide my fears when babygirl was born so as to break the cycle. Yay me! Faked it 'til I maked it.

4. Light candles in case the power goes out (but blow them out before the nap). Warning: this may induce romantic feelings in your spouse.

5. ________________________

You tell me. What's your favorite thing to do during a thunderstorm?


  1. Wake the kids up to watch the lightning while telling them "How cool God's fireworks are".

  2. Great post, Babycakes. You know how I like thunderstorms!

    My favorite thing to do is to take in all the smells the rain brings, and feel my own electrical pulsations in response to the lightning and thunder.

    Now, how about them candles?

  3. Go on the porch and enjoy it! Kudos to breaking the cycle...and blogging! :)

    ...as you can see, I'm not an avid blogger! ;)

    Love you,