My open letter to ABC

Dear ABC TV Network:
Via website http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us
My husband and I were watching 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show with our daughter this evening. This show’s rating is PG. To my disappointment, you aired a commercial (which most people fast forward through) advertising the upcoming movie FWB.
Grown-ups can decipher what FWB stands for and thus implies. We do not need it spelled out during prime-time television; however, I do expect you to edit out young women speaking lines like “No emotion. Just sex,” as well as the guy bragging to his friend, “It’s just sex.” I am so disgusted by the role of television to normalize sex in our culture. There may be girls in this world that pretend that sex is all they want, but that is not the message I want my nine-year-old daughter to hear while watching a game show. I wouldn’t want her thinking or saying lines like the actress in the movie is saying.
Please quit spreading the false idea that it is okay to sleep around while pretending that there is no emotional loss when you give a part of yourself away to anybody. Sex is sacred and special and emotional and physical. It’s a wonderful thing for grown, married people to experience together.
In fact, God created it to be all of those things. He says so in His word, the Holy Bible, that is an actual book to be read and not just an iPad app to be sworn upon right before two idiots sleep together.
Quit feeding the American people crap! DO YOUR PART—be a responsible, positive voice and hold yourselves accountable for the morality of our nation which continues to decline daily.

Stace Hunt
Wife, Mom, Christian, Educator, Volunteer

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