Cranky Gardener

On Saturday morn, H & I got an early start, trying to beat the TX heat. Fail. I think the heat, plus hard work put me in such a foul mood. I even asked H how he could stand me?! He said I'm worth it, but if I don't improve, I can't work with him anymore :)
My job was basically to walk back & forth to the garage to get tools. We repurposed some old wood behind the barn to make the frame. 4x4. We are starting small & practicing for next Spring.
Note to self (& good excuse for new shoes): wear work boots!! While foraging for boards, two nails went thru my flip flops and luckily not thru the skin. I know, dumb. H didn't even need to say he told me so...
Eventually, with sweat in my eyes, we completed this small task & visions of late summer harvest danced in my head.
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